Turning FF&E Upside Down

At Cairncross Martin, our role is to supply and deliver FF&E – Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment – to interior designer and hotel operator standards and within budget.

Imagine a hotel turned upside down, all the items that fall to the ground are what we supply and deliver. From the knives and forks to the pots and pans to the beds and furniture. And if something sways a bit from its fixture – such as the grand chandeliers in the lobby or the artwork on the wall or the drapery in the guest rooms – we do that too!

Turning FF&E and OS&E upside down
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Our Process

Cairncross Martin has developed a unique in-house procurement discipline – The Method – which stipulates the 11 working steps to successfully deliver the project.

Our experience with FF&E and OS&E procurement has led us to develop this proven process. Using The Method we can successfully navigate the complexities of procurement for top-end Hotel, Convention & Exhibition Centre, Serviced Apartment and Retirement Home projects.

Impetro Software

Impetro – latin meaning ‘to procure’ – has been specifically developed by Cairncross Martin to provide financial governance and project reporting.

Impetro provides web-based, real-time client access to budgets, purchase orders, invoicing and assets, for complete transparency of the procurement process – from start to finish.

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