At Cairncross Martin, we supply and deliver Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E & OS&E) to interior designers and hotel operators with high standards and within placed budgets..

Imagine a hotel turned upside down; all the items that fall to the ground are what we supply and deliver. We equip all hotels from the knives and forks, pots and pans to the beds and furniture. We give you a luxurious touch with anything that sways from its fixture, such as the grand chandeliers in the lobby, the artwork on the wall and the drapery in the guest rooms. Anything you dream of we can provide, leaving a trail of creativity one project at a time!

Since 1991, Cairncross Martin has completed Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) and Operating Supplies and Equipment (OS&E) procurement works for over 400 top-end Hotels, Serviced Apartments, Convention & Exhibition Centers, Casinos, Aged Care Facilities and Educational Facility projects in Australia, the Middle East, South East Asia, the Indian Ocean, Africa, China, Macau, and Japan. Its international experience has allowed Cairncross Martin to leave a successful imprint of creative projects all around the world.


Our work has engaged us with world-class project management firms, innovative interior design firms, and leading operating companies who rely on us to deliver FF&E transparently. We have delivered the best value for money results to over 400 projects worldwide.


Our project managers and their support team, whether in Australia, Dubai, Thailand, Vietnam, or elsewhere, have a proven track record of on-time and on-budget project delivery. When required, Cairncross Martin’s worldwide network is available to provide additional resources to supplement or accelerate work schedules, assist in factory inspections and maintain quality control disciplines, or provide additional vendors.


Cairncross Martin has developed a unique in-house procurement discipline – The Method – which stipulates the 11 working steps and processes that guide the successful delivery of the Project.


With more than 32 years of hard work in the industry, our extensive vendor library enables us to confidently recommend vendors best suited to each project’s design and quality requirements.


At Cairncross Martin, our commitment is to deliver the project’s FF&E and OS&E component to the expectations of the interior design firm and the hotel operating company within agreed timelines and approved budgets, reporting transparently and concisely, and endeavoring to achieve the best value for money result at all times.


Cairncross Martin has developed a software procurement system, Impetro – Latin meaning, “To Procure” – to govern a project’s financial reporting, from cost plan to purchase orders, contracts administration, logistics and provision of assets register.


Andrew Cairncross

– Managing Director

If you had told me way back in 1991, when Michael Martin and I formed Cairncross Martin on the back of the Ritz Carlton Double Bay Sydney project, that in year 2022 – some 32 years later - the business would still be “alive and kicking” with offices in Dubai United Arab Emirates, Sydney Australia, Vietnam and Thailand – well, I would not have believed you… if you had told me Cairncross Martin had successfully delivered over 400 top end projects in this time, well ….. again I would not have believed you!!

In fact, in 1991, I doubt any of us would have heard of the Emirate Dubai – how the world has changed!Dubai now offers the world the most magnificent of hotels and the Middle East region continues to prosper notably the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where I am sure we shall see another massive growth region over the next decade or so. Additionally, we are witnessing the rapid recovery of the hospitality industry in S-E Asia and Australia Pacific after the pandemic ….. a tribute to the positive nature of hotel developers, operating companies and affiliated industries, including FF&E procurement. My sincere thanks to all whom have been involved with the success of Cairncross Martin over the years. It’s been quite a journey!!

Joel Cairncross CEO United Arab Emirates
Sandesh Smaih Regional Director
Travis Visscher FF&E Project Director
Dean Allgood Managing Director United Arab Emirates
Gwynn Lam Regional Director- Vietnam
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