Since 1991, Cairncross Martin has completed FF&E and OS&E procurement works to over 400 top-end Hotel, Serviced Apartment, Convention & Exhibition Centre, Casino, Aged Care Facility and Educational Facility projects in Australia, the Middle East, South East Asia, the Indian Ocean, Africa, China, Macau and Japan.


Our work has engaged us with world-class project management firms, innovative interior design firms and leading operating companies who rely on us to deliver FF&E in a transparent manner that yields a best value for money result, which we have delivered to over 400 projects world-wide.

Vendor Library

Our extensive vendor library, developed over the past 25 years of works, enables us to confidently recommend vendors best suited to the design and quality requirements of each and every project.

Local People, World-wide Network

Our project managers and their support team; whether they be in Australia, Dubai, Thailand, Vietnam or elsewhere, have a proven track-record of on-time and on-budget project delivery. When required, Cairncross Martin’s world-wide network is available to assist in providing additional resources to supplement or accelerate work schedules, to assist in factory inspections and maintain quality control disciplines or to provide additional vendors.


At Cairncross Martin, our commitment is to deliver the project’s FF&E component to the expectations of the interior design firm and the hotel operating company, within agreed timelines and approved budgets, reporting in a transparent and concise manner, and at all times endeavouring to achieve a best value for money result.

Our Process

Cairncross Martin has developed a unique in-house procurement discipline – The Method – which stipulates the 11 working steps and processes that guide the successful delivery of the Project.

Project Management Software

Cairncross Martin has developed a software procurement system, Impetro – Latin meaning, “to procure” – to govern a project’s financial reporting from cost plan to purchase orders, contracts administration, logistics and provision of assets register.

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