Impetro Software

Impetro Procurement Management Software has been specifically developed by Cairncross Martin to provide financial governance and project reporting.

Impetro – latin meaning ‘to procure’ – provides web-based, real-time client access to budgets, purchase orders, invoicing and assets, for complete transparency of the procurement process – from start to finish.


Laptop mock-up of Impetro budget screen
Laptop mock-up of Impetro departments screen

Impetro’s key functions include:

  • Web-based, password-protected, real-time access for clients;
  • Management of budget, purchase orders, invoicing and payment processing;
  • Built-in security for data integrity and confidentiality;
  • Management of the Project’s Assets Register;
  • Data export for reporting and analysis;
  • Standard reports.

Click here to view a video demonstration of Impetro.

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